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FloorLaw Experts offer services to Attorney's, Insurance Companies, End Users, Architects and all those needing an expert in the specialized field of Flooring. Our experts aid attorneys in their efforts to represent their clients with supporting documents, litigation support services, site inspections, lab testing and field testing. Our experts are no-nonsense flooring experts with industry experience combined with formal training in the specialized field of flooring materials, sub-floors, substrates, adhesives, cushions, installation requirements and related disciplines.

Litigation is best avoided whenever possible. Commissioning experts in a specialized field that possess both the experience and specialized training is wise, cost effective and most importantly; expedient in resolution of complaints. Investigate the FloorLaw experts by clicking on the “Expert Listing” link.

Slip and Fall accidents caused by either wet surfaces or dry, yet slippery, surfaces is a science onto itself. A “Slip” is caused by one surface (your shoe for example) slipping on another surface (wet vinyl sheeting for example). The ability of one surface to move across another surface is called: The Coefficient of Friction.

Coefficient of friction is the ratio of the force required to move one surface over another, overcoming friction, divided by the vertical or normal force pressing the surfaces together. The generally accepted Coefficient of Friction (COF) standard is relative to slipperiness is that of a friction of .50 or above on a dry surface. FloorLaw experts either perform “Slip Resistance Field Testing” or work with experts who do in conjunction with their own expertise in support of their clients.

Trip and fall is yet another science related more to improper installation of flooring materials, use of flooring materials in an unintended/unapproved use, misspecification or unattended damage after the installation. FloorLaw inspectors, familiar with flooring materials, approved material usage and installation specifications are able to offer their knowledge and years of experience.

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